• Valve Regulated Lead Acid Battery

    Designed using C&D's patented processes that offer long battery life with minimal maintenance. The VRLA batteries fit virtually anywhere and provides superior performance in the most demanding applications.

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  • True Long-Life VRLA Battery™

    The latest advancement in VRLA battery technology by combining the service life reliability of a flooded battery with the performance energy density of a valve regulated battery.

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  • Vented Lead Acid (Flooded) Battery

    C&D flooded lead acid batteries have been proven to provide superior performance and reliability over the life of the product.

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  • Lead Carbon Battery

    Lead Carbon technology yields high cycling battery, capable of Partial State of Charge (PSoC) operation, improve charge acceptance ability and extreme temperature tolerance.

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  • Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery

    Low cost and non-toxicity battery with excellent thermal stability, safety characteristics, good electrochemical performance and high specific capacity.

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  • Nickel Cadmium Battery

    When reliability and long life time is concerned, TECHFILL Nickel Cadmium Battery will be the choice.

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