Fiber Optic Temperature Sensor for Transformer Winding Hot Spot

  • LumaSense LumaSMART | Transformer Hot Spots Temperature Monitoring

    The LumaSMART is designed to provide real time transformer temperatures that can be used for protection and control at a cost effective price. Transformers are critical assets that often take the brunt of an overload condition and are the most likely to be damaged without proper control and protection. The drift-free, calibration-free nature inherent in our patented Fluoroptic® technology makes the LumaSMART ideally suited for use in transformers as a reliable and cost-effective means of protection for these valuable assets.

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  • LumaSense LumaSHIELD | Transformer Hot Spots Temperature Monitoring

    The LumaSHIELD, designed for Smart Grid integration, is fitted with an internal reference that allows regular self-verification and correction of its fully traceable calibration. The internal reference provides long- term accuracy in the adverse conditions encountered in a distribution transformer environment, such as temperature variations, component aging, mechanical shocks and transformer vibrations.

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  • LumaSense LumaTEST Monitor | Gallium Arsenide-Based FOT Test Monitor

    High Reliability Handheld Signal Conditioner for Gallium Arsenide-Based Fiber Optic Temperature Sensors.

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  • LumaSense Luxtron 812 | FluorOptic-Based FOT Test Monitor

    The Luxtron 812 is a fiber optic temperature measurement system designed with two measurement channels and easy to read LED display. The 812 can easily be incorporated into an industrial control scheme through the RS-232 or Analog Output ports.

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