MACH1000 19

  • Hirschmann Fast Ethernet Control Cabinet Switches

    The robust MACH1000 devices – proven as Substation switches – have been designed specifically for the requirements of the power generation and distribution sectors. However, their exceptional performance is not limited only to these – they perform exceptionally well under extreme ambient conditions and at high temperatures also in transport automation, in the military sector and in industrial automation.

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  • Hirschmann Gigabit Ethernet Control Cabinet Switches

    The MACH1000 high-performance switches for Gigabit Ethernet applications are based on a comprehensive system with complete modularity, and integration into the OpenRail concept ensures maximum flexibility and variability. With their compact design in a 19" housing, a high port density of up to 28 ports and simple and convenient ring configuration, these devices exhibit their strengths to the fullest extent in ruggedized applications. Here, the extended temperature range of – 40° C up to + 85° C, the extreme EMI characteristics as well as the shock and vibration resistance represent additional benefits.

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  • Hirschmann Full Gigabit Ethernet Control Cabinet Switches

    The new Layer 3 software makes it now possible to use Hirschmann™ Gigabit Ethernet switches from the MACH1040 family as routers. The non-blocking architecture delivers extremely fast functionality; in addition to static and dynamic routing, this also includes multicast routing and router redundancy. The switches of the Hirschmann™ MACH1000 family provide users with the highest level of both flexibility and security for the future. Its design features 16 Gigabit combo ports with a temperature range from -40°C to +70°C as well as a fanless cooling system. This allows to build fast data networks under severe EMI conditions using either twisted-pair or fiberoptic cabling.

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