Power Quality Meter

  • EPM 9900 | Advanced Power Quality Metering System with Transient Recorder

    The EPM 9900 is one of the most advanced monitoring products on the market today, providing you with the total picture of energy usage and power quality from any metered point in a power distribution network. This allows you to make power related decisions quickly and effectively.

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  • EPM 7000 | Power Quality Meter

    The EPM 7000 provides continuous metering of three-phase systems with waveform and data logging. It performs energy measurements with 0.2% accuracy and supports optional Ethernet, relay, status, and analog output communication modules. This flexible meter can be used for a wide range of high accuracy applications including disturbance recording and power quality studies. This meter is available in a transducer configuration (EPM 7000T) that comes without a display and has a DIN rail mount. It’s ideal for use in retrofit applications and where budgets are a large consideration.

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  • EPM 9000/9450/9650 | Advanced Power Quality Metering System

    The EPM 9450/ 9650 is the entry point for GE's premium 9000 meter series with advanced power quality capability. The unit utilizes ACCU-Measure® Technology to provide highly accurate revenue grade readings coupled with advanced data analysis. The unit measures over 15,000 electrical parameters including real time harmonics to the 127th order, voltage surges and sags and a large assortment of advanced monitoring functionality. The unit also provides advanced expandable I/O with up to 256 points for control, data acquisition and alarms functions.

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  • EPM 9800 | Advanced Power Quality Metering System

    With the socket type mount design EPM 9800 meter is perfect for industrial and utility substation automation applications where both power quality monitoring and revenue accuracy are required. EPM 9800 provides most accurate analysis of electric power and energy. Using advanced DSP technology meter measures instant and stored revenue power data. Meter includes all the attributes required for highest level of PQ analysis and communication. From today's utility giants to large industrial users to local electrical municipal, an effective energy management and power-monitoring program is critical for success. The EPM 9800 is an advanced monitoring product, providing the total picture of power usage and power quality for any metered point within a power distribution network allowing users to make power related decisions quickly and effectively. With its web server capability, EPM 9800 can be monitored anytime and from anywhere via the Internet. EPM 9800 is simple to use and easy to set up.

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