• Water Level Controller (WLC) GC2200

    GC2200 Water Level Controller detects water level(s) inside storage tank and/or an elevated tank. The output relay – connected to external mechanical contactor or electronic switch - provides an automatic control to water pump operation. The output relay energizes and the green OUTPUT RELAY LED lights when the water level inside elevated tank is sensed under T2 probe and at the same moment enough water detected inside the storage tank (i.e. water level in storage tank is over S2 probe). The output relay de-energizes and the OUTPUT RELAY LED goes out when elevated tank is full of water (i.e. when GC2200 detects water level is above T1 probe).

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  • Phase Failure Relay (PFR) GC1100

    GC1100 phase failure relays protect three phase lines, transformers, motors, generators, and another three phase loads against phase unbalance, phase loss, and phase reversal.

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