Transformer Oil Analysis Services

  • TJ/H2b TCA | Transformer Condition Analysis

    Transformer Condition Assessment, TCA® has been developed to provide the information for management of the oil condition, management of the paper condition, and the identification of the problems such as core lamination problems, core ground problems, no load tap changer problems, terminal and connector problems.

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  • TJ/H2b TASA | TapChanger Activity Signature Analysis

    The first applications of DGA to evaluate load tap changer condition were based on experiences with transformers.Threshold limits were developed for the gasses produced by overheating both individually and in combination. Many factors such as design, operations, ventilation, and on-line filtration affect gas levels. Consequently, this gas threshold approach offered limited success but proved the potential usefulness of fluid testing for LTC condition assessment.

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  • TJ/H2b BOA | Breaker Oil Analysis

    BOA® has been extensively field-tested and has proven to enhance equipment reliability. No false negatives have occurred with the BOA® service, which means that no tanks that have been assessed have been found to be in a poorer condition than indicated. Conversely, false positives are not a concern because BOA® has been designed to address the residual contamination of tanks from prior maintenance activities. This can occur when the used oil is replaced in the unit after repairs are made or when the unit is insufficiently cleaned and flushed after maintenance.

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  • TJ/H2b Service and Products

    TJ/H2b Analytical Services, Inc. is an independent analytical laboratory and consulting firm that specializes in diagnostic testing of oil, gas and other insulating materials used in transformers, power circuit breakers and load tap-changers. TJ/H2b Analytical Services, Inc. provides testing, consulting and other analytical services through a worldwide network of laboratories.

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