Utility & Industrial SCADA

  • IDS ACOS Network Management System

    The liberalisation of the energy market has considerably increased the cost pressure on power supply companies; most lately, this pressure has been exacerbated through the incentive-based regulations. Given that there is a direct connection between the quality of supply networks and the investments in system management, grid expansion and upgrading, and service and maintenance works, it is important to synchronise these costs and the supply quality. Against this background, energy suppliers require efficient and uniform solutions for the connection of technical and commercial domains even across system borders. With their ACOS NMS product suite, IDS offers tailor-made IT solutions for the power supply industry’s core processes. Through a wide range of services, from advisory and consultancy services up to complete turnkey solutions, the ACOS NMS product suite enables power suppliers to successfully operate on the energy market.

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  • IDS High-Leit SCADA system

    The IDS HIGH-LEIT SCADA system is designed for use in the fields of energy and water supply as well as wastewater and environmental applications and for industrial systems. HIGH-LEIT is an open system with a Client-Server architecture, providing not only standard SCADA functions but also numerous branch-specific function modules and industry-specific special solutions. The industry-specific applications are based on a uniform system technology to support all automation levels; they can be combined with one another into multi-utility applications.

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