Waterproof IP67/IP54 OCTOPUS Switches

  • Hirschmann PoE OCTOPUS

    The new Hirschmann™ OCTOPUS switches with integrated power supply are available in managed and unmanaged versions. They therefore enable solutions to be better optimized to suit different requirements. In addition, devices can be powered efficiently via PoE Plus. All versions require significantly less space than switches with an external power supply and the cabling effort is also reduced. In other words, potential sources of error are reduced, thus increasing reliability. The OCTOPUS switches from Hirschmann™ also set new standards for robustness, since they are affected neither by Arctic cold nor by tropical heat. In addition, they fulfill the EMC (electromagnetic compatibility) and fire prevention requirements of European standards governing use in rail vehicles.

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  • Hirschmann Robust Unmanaged OCTOPUS

    The new unmanaged Fast Ethernet switch from Hirschmann’s familiar OCTOPUS series possesses ten twisted-pair ports (10/100 BASE-TX). The M12 connections with D coding withstand powerful vibration. Additional features include a robust, fire-proof, die-cast housing, protection class IP54 and a temperature range from -40°C to +70°C. The OCTOPUS 10TX complies with all the relevant industry standards and is approved for use in road and rolling stock/rail vehicles and ships. This makes it particularly suitable for use in small-scale networks in transport, manufacturing and process automation – specifically, wherever management functions are not required. The switch, which boasts a MTBF rating (mean time between failure) of 30 years, can be quickly and easily commissioned as no switch settings are required for operation. On the front of the unit there are LEDs that display the device status, network status, and the presence of a functioning power supply. The fanless design and redundant 24V power supply guarantee high operational safety and maximum network availability. The OCTOPUS 10TX can be mounted on the wall or on the machine itself. It also occupies very little space – the compact housing measures only 184 x 189 x 70 mm / 7.25 x 7.44 x 2.75 in (width x height x depth).

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  • Hirschmann OpenOCTOPUS

    Specially designed for use at the field level with automation networks, the switches in the OCTOPUS family ensure the highest industrial protection ratings (IP67, IP65 or IP54) regarding mechanical stress, humidity, dirt, dust, shock and vibrations. They are also capable of withstanding heat and cold, while fulfilling the strictest fire prevention requirements. The rugged design of the OCTOPUS switches are ideal for installing directly on machinery, outside of control cabinets and distribution boxes. The switches can be cascaded as often as required – permitting implementation of decentralized networks with short paths to the respective devices to considerably reducing costs for cabling.

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  • Hirschmann Gigabit OCTOPUS OS32

    For the first time a waterproof switch with SFP transceivers is now available in the shape of the new OCTOPUS OS32. It means that fast data networks with different transmission technologies can be implemented flexibly and extended cost-effectively as needed, even in challenging environments. In addition, devices such as IP cameras, VoIP phones or wireless access points can be powered with no extra cables thanks to PoE support, reducing wiring costs considerably. Last but not least, the OCTOPUS OS32 is characterized by a rugged metal housing that can withstand even the toughest conditions. Extensive management and security methods as well as fast redundancy mechanisms ensure maximum network availability.

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  • Hirschmann OCTOPUS Train-BP

    The new OCTOPUS Train-BP offers maximum future-proof onboard data communication for trains. Thanks to its two uplink ports with bypass relay and rail-specific approvals, it fulfills the requirements for switches for Ethernet Consist Networks in accordance with the IEC 61375-3-4 draft standard. The bypass relay allows network topologies, which ensure that communication between all devices is maintained despite duplicate faults – even in the actual switches. With each OCTOPUS Train-BP, which can also be seamlessly integrated into Profinet and EtherNet/IP environments, up to 22 terminals can be connected to a train segment network and linked securely to the backbone. In addition, thanks to comprehensive management functions and maximum operational reliability, neither water nor dust nor extreme temperatures nor excessive vibration can harm the OCTOPUS Train-BP.

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  • Hirschmann OCTOPUS OS30/34

    Built to keep pace with the increasing data demands of transportation and manufacturing applications, the OCTOPUS OS30/34 switch offers network engineers, machine builders and system integrators increased flexibility, with configurable features in two different housings.

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