Lead Carbon Battery

Lead Carbon Battery

C&D Carbon Battery use a unique Positive Electrode design for cycling and a Pb/Carbon Negative Electrode. The technology addresses both electrodes yielding a high cycling battery, capable of Partial State of Charge (PSoC) operation, improve charge acceptance ability and extreme temperature tolerance.

Why do you need C&D Carbon Battery ?

  • Frequent AC breakout Vs. Power Stability and Reliability
  • Uncontrolled Site Environment Vs. Endurable Power System with longer service life
  • Low Recharging Capability on-site Vs. Fast Capacity Recovery for Next Cycle
  • Smaller Initial Investment but Heavier Service expense Vs. Minimized Total Ownership Cost

C&D Carbon Battery Features

Long life cycle service design
• Proven C&D DCS technology
• Excellent PSoC and cyclic performance
- 50% DOD 2250
- 80% DOD 1000
- 100% DOD 650

Compliant to major global specifications
• BS 6290: Part 4:1997
• IEC 60896-21/22
• Telcordia SR-4228
• Bellcore GR-63-CORE & GR-1089-CORE
• UL 94 V-2/V-0 Flame Retardant Polypropylene

Leading Charging Acceptance
• Max. charge current 0.6C, 300% than normal VRLA
• 0.2C to full charging lower than 7 Hrs
Extreme Temperature Tolerance
• -20°C : 16% increase capacity
• +35°C : 60% increase cyclic life