Products of Hirschmann

  • Hirschmann SPIDER Family
    Hirschmann SPIDER Family

    The classical industrial ethernet rail switches. Their compact design enables an economic start. These simple unmanaged switches offer plug & play functionality in the lower area of the network pyramid. The SPIDER family of switches provides users with an economical, yet highly reliable hardened Ethernet switch. All copper/RJ45 ports are auto-negotiating and auto-crossing -- the SPIDERs will work with either patch or cross-over cables. The 100 Mbps fiber ports are available in multimode (MM) and singlemode (SM) with either SC or ST sockets (Gigabit fiber is via SFPs). All SPIDER switches are extremely compact and have LED indicators that provide information on power status, link status, and data rate.

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  • Hirschmann RS2
    Hirschmann RS2

    The RS2 Series of switches offer advanced features such as redundant power inputs and most offer fault relay (triggerable by loss of power and/or port-link). Standard features include 10/100 auto-negotiating and auto-crossing (either patch or cross-over cables will work in the ports), a 0° C to + 60° C operating range (-40 to +70 deg C available), a 24 VDC power input and an average MTBF exceeding 100 years. All of the multimode (MM) and singlemode (SM) fiber optic ports are 100 Mbps and are available in a variety of connector options.

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  • Hirschmann RS20/30 Configurable Unmanaged Switch
    Hirschmann RS20/30 Configurable Unmanaged Switch

    The RS20/30 Unmanaged Ethernet switches are ideal for applications that are less dependent upon the features of switch management while maintaining the highest feature-set for an unmanaged switch. Features include: 8 x, 9 x, 16 x, 17 x, 24 x and 25 x ports in a 4.25” or less footprint, up to 3 x fiber ports, redundant power inputs via dual 24 V DC, fault relay (triggerable by loss of one power input and/or the loss of the link(s) specified), 10/100 auto-negotiating and auto crossing, variety of connector options for Multimode (MM) and Singlemode (SM) fiber optic ports, choice of operating temperatures and conformal coating (standard is 0°C to +60°C, with -40°C to +70°C also available), and variety of approvals including IEC 61850-3, IEEE 1613, EN 50121-4 and ATEX 100a Zone 2.

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  • Hirschmann Robust Ethernet Din Rail Switches
    Hirschmann Robust Ethernet Din Rail Switches

    RSR series switches are available with optional gigabit ports and an extended temperature range of -40°C to +85°C. Ultra-fast ring recovery times under 10 ms are possible using HIPER-Ring redundancy protocol and the switch’s robust metal housing offers extended RFI/EMI and vibration immunity. The term “Über-Rugged” is the only way to describe a switch that goes above and beyond the already rugged capabilities of Hirschmann™ switches by being extremely immune to noise and able to provide maximum uptime in extreme environmental conditions.

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  • Hirschmann RSB20 Basic Switches
    Hirschmann RSB20 Basic Switches

    The RSB20 series of managed switches consists of 8 core models, each of which are optionally available in high temperature configurations and/or preconfigured with IGMP Snooping intitially active (multicast filtering) for EtherNet/IP use. These switches offer redundant DC power inputs and a variety of multimode (SC), singlemode (SC), and SFP socket options. The RSB20 portfolio offers users a quality, hardened, reliable communications solution that provides an economically attractive entry into the segment of managed switches.

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  • Hirschmann Compact OpenRail Switches
    Hirschmann Compact OpenRail Switches

    The RS20 compact OpenRail managed Ethernet switches can accomodate from 4- to 25-port densities and are available with Fast Ethernet Uplink Ports, All Copper, or 1- to 2-Fiber Ports, or 3-Fiber ports. The fiber ports are available in multimode and/or singlemode. The RS30 compact OpenRail managed Ethernet switches can accomodate from 8- to 24-port densities with 2 Gigabit Ports and 8- 16- or 24- Fast Ethernet Uplink Ports. The RS40 compact OpenRail managed switch has 9 Gigabit ports. The switch offers 5 x 10/100/1000 RJ45 and 4 x 100/1000 RJ45/SFP combo ports (function of one RJ45 combo port is lost for each SFP utilized). Fiber uplink ports are available in multimode and/or singlemode by using Gigabit or 100 Mbit/s SFP transceivers.

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  • Hirschmann Power Rail Switches
    Hirschmann Power Rail Switches

    The new RSP family of switches with robust hardware and a powerful operating system, are able to withstand extremely harsh environmental conditions. For the first time, the integration of new redundancy protocols allows uninterrupted data communication. These new techniques, PRP (Parallel Redundancy Protocol) and HSR (High-availability Seamless Redundancy), are based on the international IEC 62439 standard and therefore guarantee future security and interoperability. Precision time synchronization in accordance with IEEE 1588v2, synchronizes sensors, drives, and measuring equipment. Gigabit ethernet provides for a fast connection to the backbone, while connections to terminal equipment use 100 BASE-TX – either alone or in combination with 100 BASE-FX.

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  • Hirschmann Modular Industrial Switches
    Hirschmann Modular Industrial Switches

    The MS20 series of Ethernet switches have eight to twenty-four 100 Mbit/s max ports. Fully managed (web, SNMP and CLI) IGMP snooping (multicast filtering), VLAN, port mirroring, port control, port security, link alarms, broadcast limiter, traffic diagnostics, HIPER-Ring redundancy, RSTP, etc. Features include: available in a 2- and 4-slot version (4-slot can be expanded to a 6 slot using MB-2T), requires the use of hot-swappable media modules for any combination of copper/fiber ports, dual power inputs and dual fault relay outputs, USB configuration backup/restore and fast device replacement), standard 0°C to +60°C (-40°C to +70°C and conformal coating available), differentiator between similar switches listed is the firmware level/features. The MS30 series of Ethernet switches have the same functionality and features as the MS20 series, with the exception of an added slot for a Gigabit Media Module (for 2 x 10/100/1000 RJ45/Gigabit SFP combo ports). Features include: uplink ports are 10/100/1000 Mbit/s, all other ports are 10/100 Mbit/s, MS30-08 can have a max of 8 x 10/100 Mbit/s ports and 2 x 10/100 RJ45/Gigabit SFP combo ports can be any combination of copper and/or fiber, and Gigabit RJ45/SFP combo ports compatible with Gigabit SFPs). The new Hirschmann MSP30 Layer 3 switch extends the unique security functions of the MSP30 family to include high-performance routing. This functionality is offered in a variety of hardware packages. Unicast dynamic routing (UR) and multicast dynamic routing (MR) offer customers an attractive cost benefit – "Just pay for what you need.“ With its existing modular IPv6-ready hardware, the MSP30 Layer 3 switch enables complete solutions that meet all network requirements.

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  • Hirschmann PoE OCTOPUS
    Hirschmann PoE OCTOPUS

    The new Hirschmann™ OCTOPUS switches with integrated power supply are available in managed and unmanaged versions. They therefore enable solutions to be better optimized to suit different requirements. In addition, devices can be powered efficiently via PoE Plus. All versions require significantly less space than switches with an external power supply and the cabling effort is also reduced. In other words, potential sources of error are reduced, thus increasing reliability. The OCTOPUS switches from Hirschmann™ also set new standards for robustness, since they are affected neither by Arctic cold nor by tropical heat. In addition, they fulfill the EMC (electromagnetic compatibility) and fire prevention requirements of European standards governing use in rail vehicles.

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  • Hirschmann Robust Unmanaged OCTOPUS
    Hirschmann Robust Unmanaged OCTOPUS

    The new unmanaged Fast Ethernet switch from Hirschmann’s familiar OCTOPUS series possesses ten twisted-pair ports (10/100 BASE-TX). The M12 connections with D coding withstand powerful vibration. Additional features include a robust, fire-proof, die-cast housing, protection class IP54 and a temperature range from -40°C to +70°C. The OCTOPUS 10TX complies with all the relevant industry standards and is approved for use in road and rolling stock/rail vehicles and ships. This makes it particularly suitable for use in small-scale networks in transport, manufacturing and process automation – specifically, wherever management functions are not required. The switch, which boasts a MTBF rating (mean time between failure) of 30 years, can be quickly and easily commissioned as no switch settings are required for operation. On the front of the unit there are LEDs that display the device status, network status, and the presence of a functioning power supply. The fanless design and redundant 24V power supply guarantee high operational safety and maximum network availability. The OCTOPUS 10TX can be mounted on the wall or on the machine itself. It also occupies very little space – the compact housing measures only 184 x 189 x 70 mm / 7.25 x 7.44 x 2.75 in (width x height x depth).

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  • Hirschmann OpenOCTOPUS
    Hirschmann OpenOCTOPUS

    Specially designed for use at the field level with automation networks, the switches in the OCTOPUS family ensure the highest industrial protection ratings (IP67, IP65 or IP54) regarding mechanical stress, humidity, dirt, dust, shock and vibrations. They are also capable of withstanding heat and cold, while fulfilling the strictest fire prevention requirements. The rugged design of the OCTOPUS switches are ideal for installing directly on machinery, outside of control cabinets and distribution boxes. The switches can be cascaded as often as required – permitting implementation of decentralized networks with short paths to the respective devices to considerably reducing costs for cabling.

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  • Hirschmann Gigabit OCTOPUS OS32
    Hirschmann Gigabit OCTOPUS OS32

    For the first time a waterproof switch with SFP transceivers is now available in the shape of the new OCTOPUS OS32. It means that fast data networks with different transmission technologies can be implemented flexibly and extended cost-effectively as needed, even in challenging environments. In addition, devices such as IP cameras, VoIP phones or wireless access points can be powered with no extra cables thanks to PoE support, reducing wiring costs considerably. Last but not least, the OCTOPUS OS32 is characterized by a rugged metal housing that can withstand even the toughest conditions. Extensive management and security methods as well as fast redundancy mechanisms ensure maximum network availability.

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  • Hirschmann OCTOPUS Train-BP
    Hirschmann OCTOPUS Train-BP

    The new OCTOPUS Train-BP offers maximum future-proof onboard data communication for trains. Thanks to its two uplink ports with bypass relay and rail-specific approvals, it fulfills the requirements for switches for Ethernet Consist Networks in accordance with the IEC 61375-3-4 draft standard. The bypass relay allows network topologies, which ensure that communication between all devices is maintained despite duplicate faults – even in the actual switches. With each OCTOPUS Train-BP, which can also be seamlessly integrated into Profinet and EtherNet/IP environments, up to 22 terminals can be connected to a train segment network and linked securely to the backbone. In addition, thanks to comprehensive management functions and maximum operational reliability, neither water nor dust nor extreme temperatures nor excessive vibration can harm the OCTOPUS Train-BP.

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  • Hirschmann OCTOPUS OS30/34
    Hirschmann OCTOPUS OS30/34

    Built to keep pace with the increasing data demands of transportation and manufacturing applications, the OCTOPUS OS30/34 switch offers network engineers, machine builders and system integrators increased flexibility, with configurable features in two different housings.

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  • Hirschmann Fast Ethernet Control Cabinet Switches
    Hirschmann Fast Ethernet Control Cabinet Switches

    The robust MACH1000 devices – proven as Substation switches – have been designed specifically for the requirements of the power generation and distribution sectors. However, their exceptional performance is not limited only to these – they perform exceptionally well under extreme ambient conditions and at high temperatures also in transport automation, in the military sector and in industrial automation.

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  • Hirschmann Gigabit Ethernet Control Cabinet Switches
    Hirschmann Gigabit Ethernet Control Cabinet Switches

    The MACH1000 high-performance switches for Gigabit Ethernet applications are based on a comprehensive system with complete modularity, and integration into the OpenRail concept ensures maximum flexibility and variability. With their compact design in a 19" housing, a high port density of up to 28 ports and simple and convenient ring configuration, these devices exhibit their strengths to the fullest extent in ruggedized applications. Here, the extended temperature range of – 40° C up to + 85° C, the extreme EMI characteristics as well as the shock and vibration resistance represent additional benefits.

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  • Hirschmann Full Gigabit Ethernet Control Cabinet Switches
    Hirschmann Full Gigabit Ethernet Control Cabinet Switches

    The new Layer 3 software makes it now possible to use Hirschmann™ Gigabit Ethernet switches from the MACH1040 family as routers. The non-blocking architecture delivers extremely fast functionality; in addition to static and dynamic routing, this also includes multicast routing and router redundancy. The switches of the Hirschmann™ MACH1000 family provide users with the highest level of both flexibility and security for the future. Its design features 16 Gigabit combo ports with a temperature range from -40°C to +70°C as well as a fanless cooling system. This allows to build fast data networks under severe EMI conditions using either twisted-pair or fiberoptic cabling.

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  • Hirschmann Backbone with 10Gigabit Ethernet Switches
    Hirschmann Backbone with 10Gigabit Ethernet Switches

    The new MACH Gigabit switches and routers are available in various versions: either simply as a Layer 2 Switch (L2P), additionally with static routing (L3E) or in a dynamic routing version with multicast routing (L3P). Each with a choice of power supply and individually populated with the appropriate modules. Through appropriate cascading, the Gigabit ETHERNET successors of the MACH 3005 can be configured as compact systems with high port density.

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  • Hirschmann OpenBAT
    Hirschmann OpenBAT

    The new OpenBAT family comprises of the BAT-R (IP30) and BAT-F (IP65/67) series of WLAN access points, which are fully compatible with the previous BAT54 and BAT300 models from Hirschmann™. Both OpenBAT series have entirely new hardware and operate with HiLCOS. HiLCOS is the most powerful operating system in the automation industry, while providing support for IPv4/6 routing. All OpenBAT devices comply with the IEEE 802.11n WLAN standard – enabling data rates of up to 450 Mbit/s in both the 5 GHz and 2.4 GHz bands by using MIMO antenna technology. This means that the access points – also employable as clients, routers or bridges – can be used to quickly set up meshed networks, wireless distribution systems and point-to-point connections. Also possible are WAN and VPN applications.

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  • Hirschmann BAT300 Access Point
    Hirschmann BAT300 Access Point

    To ensure maximum flexibility and network availability in industrial environments, wireless data transmission systems are being deployed to an increasing extent as the perfect complement to cable-based networks. The new technology creates opportunities to develop new mobile appli- cations and reduce cabling and maintenance costs.

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  • Hirschmann BAT Client
    Hirschmann BAT Client

    The Hirschmann™ BAT-C WLAN Client is a simple and a highly compact client. As it was developed specifically for industrial projects and installations that require a large number of low feature clients, the feature set has been reduced to an absolute minimum. The BAT-C client is small enough for use in applications where space is at a premium.

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  • Hirschmann Wireless Antenna
    Hirschmann Wireless Antenna

    Wireless Ethernet Antennas for BAT series

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  • Hirschmann Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN) Controllers
    Hirschmann Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN) Controllers

    More and more WLAN applications are being used in the field of automation. The IEEE 802.11n standard with the OpenBAT Family enables data rates data rates of up to 450 Mbit/s while simultaneously extending the range and stability of wireless transmissions. Centralized management guarantees secure operation in an industrial network and provides the necessary overview. The Hirschmann™ BAT-Controller WLC was especially developed for this purpose. There is no need to replace existing Hirschmann™ access points from the BAT range with new devices designed to use controllers – these access points can be operated either with or without controllers. This means that your WLAN can be extended step by step and – when it becomes necessary – supplemented by a Hirschmann™ BAT-Controller WLC.

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  • Hirschmann TOFINO XENON
    Hirschmann TOFINO XENON

    The Tofino Xenon security appliance is the latest addition to the Tofino family of security devices purpose built to meet the needs of industry. This device, which ensures maximum data security for production networks, is a combination of the proven Tofino software with state-of-the-art hardware. Thanks to its reduced power consumption, it also offers significantly lower operating costs. In addition, the extended operating temperature range of the Tofino Xenon means that it can often be used without supplementary air conditioning equipment.

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  • Hirschmann EAGLE ONE
    Hirschmann EAGLE ONE

    EAGLE One is a powerful new member of the EAGLE family, which has become the epitome of industry-standard firewall systems in recent years. This industrial security router, which ensures maximum data security for production networks, is a combination of the familiar proven EAGLE20 software with state-of-the-art hardware. Thanks to its reduced power consumption, it also offers significantly lower operating costs. In addition, the extended operating temperature range of the EAGLE One means that it can often be used without additional air-conditioning equipment. A further plus is its approval for use in potentially explosive environments. This means that even more industrial sectors, including oil and gas, can now benefit from EAGLE’s proven security technology.

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  • Hirschmann EAGLE 20 TOFINO
    Hirschmann EAGLE 20 TOFINO

    You may not be attacked by a serious hacker, but conventional control networks are extremely vulnerable to simple day to day security issues. Poor network segmentation, unprotected points of entry into the network, “soft“ targets such as unpatched PCs and vulnerable PLCs, and human error can result in significant production losses and even safety issues. The Tofino Industrial Security Solution is a distributed security solution that quickly and cost-effectively implements cyber security protection within your control network. Tofino’s flexible architecture allows you to create security zones - Zone Level Security - throughout your control network to protect critical system components. Tofino helps you meet and exceed NERC CIP requirements and ANSI/ISA-99 Standards. And best of all, it helps you avoid expensive down time and achieve optimal performance in your plant.

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  • Hirschmann EAGLE 20 Secure Router
    Hirschmann EAGLE 20 Secure Router

    EAGLE20 family routers are deployed as “industrial firewalls” at the machine and subsystem level. They offer unparalleled simplicity and reliability, providing local support for the full range of control applications, remote operation, simple links to adjacent processes and VPN connectivity between multiple machines. Five devices – one software solution.

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  • Hirschmann EAGLE 20/30
    Hirschmann EAGLE 20/30

    To help achieve maximum network availability, Hirschmann has updated two of its EAGLE industrial firewalls, which both offer unprecedented flexibility of deployment, as well as state-of-the-art security functionality. These highly-adaptable devices are built-toorder from the factory, enabling customers to select the combination of local area network (LAN) and wide area network (WAN) ports to meet their individual network’s unique requirements.

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  • Hirschmann Industrial HiVision Network Management System
    Hirschmann Industrial HiVision Network Management System

    Since its first release, Industrial HiVision has undergone continual development, with a focus on the functionality required in an automation environment. As a result, the current release offers a rich feature set and is available for Windows and Linux operating systems. For example, it can be used for reliable and convenient management of industrial networks, from configuring network nodes and visualizing network topologies, to detailed status displays.

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  • Hirschmann Integrate Software - HiFusion
    Hirschmann Integrate Software - HiFusion

    HiFusion allows you to integrate manufacturer-specific MIB variables from third-party devices into the Industrial HiVision Management-Software. HiFusion is a stand-alone application which allows you to integrate any SNMP-capable device into Industrial HiVision. You decide which device parameters should be supervised, and HiFusion will generate the required code.

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  • Hirschmann Device Discovery  - HiDiscovery
    Hirschmann Device Discovery - HiDiscovery

    Hirschmann™ products are delivered without a default IP address. This ensures that there is no chance of an IP address conflict, which could have a negative impact on a network. The traditional method for configuring an IP address on a device is to use the serial port. But there will almost certainly be occasions when the correct serial cable is not available. This is where HiDiscovery comes into play. HiDiscovery will discover all Hirschmann™ devices on a LAN, even if they do not have an IP address. The “Signal” button will activate a device’s LEDs, so you can see which device you are communicating with. You can then assign IP address information to the device, directly over the Ethernet connection. HiDiscovery even assists with fault finding, by highlighting devices with duplicate IP addresses. The HiDiscovery application is free of charge. Main functions: Assign IP addresses to devices directly over the LAN. Activate a device’s LEDs, to confirm which device you are communicating with. Ping, Telnet, or open a device’s GUI with the click of a button. Detect duplicate IP addresses on Hirschmann™ devices.

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  • Hirschmann Product Graphical System  - HiView
    Hirschmann Product Graphical System - HiView

    HiView allows users to benefit from Hirschmann™ products' web interface, without any browser or Java library installed on their PCs. In addition, HiView is a portable application. It does not require any installation and does not alter any PC registry entries. It even works directly from removable media such as USB drives and SD cards, for ultimate portability. But HiView is not just a replacement for a web browser. The comfortable Selection screen shows which Hirschmann™ devices have been accessed recently, with the most popular listed at the top. A single click connects to the required device. For added security, it is simple and convenient to view the security certificates of both the products and the Java library. And HiView will automatically use the most secure communication method.

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  • Hirschmann HiMobile App
    Hirschmann HiMobile App

    The HiMobile client allows you to view the various network devices and events listed in your Industrial HiVision on your mobile device. Wherever you combine individual network components to create an overall system, Industrial HiVision is the ideal solution for configuring and monitoring the administrable devices. Designed for effective industrial supervision, Industrial HiVision integrates into SCADA applications. The HiMobile client allows you to reduce the time it takes to respond to network notifications by informing you of current device and port statuses on your mobile device. HiMobile includes a demo mode for evaluation. For live operation, HiMobile requires a licensed version of Industrial HiVision v05.1.00 or newer.

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  • Hirschmann Wireless Planning Software  - BAT-Planner / BAT-Planner pro
    Hirschmann Wireless Planning Software - BAT-Planner / BAT-Planner pro

    BAT-Planner is a Windows Software Suite for the effective planning of a wireless network. Guided by wizards, the user can plan a complete network that fully meets the requirements and takes account of restrictions that apply for specific countries, frequencies and WLAN protocols. The planning results in a list of required material and a written report.

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  • Hirschmann Wireless Management Software  - LANconfig
    Hirschmann Wireless Management Software - LANconfig

    Powerful Windows management software for all BAT devices. LANconfig offers more than just configuration of BAT devices: Support of BAT-Controller, Group configuration of multiple devices, Script up and download, Scheduled updates, Firmware management, Wizard-based easy configuration

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  • Hirschmann Wireless Monitoring Software -  LANmonitor / WLANmonitor
    Hirschmann Wireless Monitoring Software - LANmonitor / WLANmonitor

    SNMP-Based monitoring tool for all BAT devices. It provides a real-time status overview for interface, network, connections, throughput, link quality etc.: An additional trace tool offers a graphic surface for diagnosis and trouble shooting. Real-time status of a BAT device. Time based graphs for throughput and performance.

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