Products of Tekron

  • TEKRON Network Time Server
    TEKRON Network Time Server

    Network Time Servers provide precision time references for synchronising Ethernet networks.

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  • TEKRON Satellite Clock
    TEKRON Satellite Clock

    satellite clock with submicrosecond timing that is used to synchronize Intelligent Electronic Devices in the power and industrial automation industry.

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    The TCG is a highly accurate, full featured GPS and GLONASS (GNSS) clock. Offering multiple oscillator options, Time Code and Frequency outputs, it fits virtually any timing application.

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  • TEKRON Isolated Timing Repeater
    TEKRON Isolated Timing Repeater

    The Isolated Timing Repeater (previously known as the MOFR) is a compact DIN rail mountable signal repeater that performs a number of tasks, including converting time sync signals , boosting signal strengths and converting one type of signal to another.

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  • TEKRON Isolated Timing Distributor
    TEKRON Isolated Timing Distributor

    The Isolated Timing Distributor provides a simple method to reticulate unmodulated IRIG-B between rooms and/or rows of substation panels while maintaining electrical isolation.

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  • TEKRON PTP Translator
    TEKRON PTP Translator

    Tekron's PTP Translator is a compact DIN-rail mount device that translates PTP (default, power and telecommunications profiles) to legacy time codes such as IRIG-B, DCF77 or user defined pulses.

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  • TEKRON GPS Clock for LTE
    TEKRON GPS Clock for LTE

    A reliable and accurate GPS clock for LTE. The TK 42 is a plug-in board specifically designed for use in Long Term Evolution (LTE) cellular network base stations

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