True Long-Life VRLA Battery™

True Long-Life VRLA Battery™

The msEndur II is the latest advancement in VRLA battery technology. By combining the service life reliability of a flooded battery with the performance energy density of a valve-regulated battery, C&D has created the msEndur II - The True Long-Life Battery™.

The msEndur II series of batteries are unmatched in power density with space saving modular designs that provide the greatest amount of power in a small footprint and have a 20-year design life to reduce the total cost of ownership.

With its ultra-low float current, the msEndur II yields significant electrical costs savings over its life making it the most environmentally friendly 2V VRLA battery.

  • Advanced micro-porous Absorbed Glass Mat separators for ultra-low float current - reduces grid corrosion for a long, usable service life
  • Proprietary alloys minimize positive grid corrosion and growth - maximizes battery life
  • Highly efficient, proprietary plate processing for high utilization of active material - results in high energy density and low float current
  • C&D Ohmic Ring® for ease of maintenance readings
  • Certified to highest seismic requirements
  • Non-Spillable classification for transport
  • Optional low float voltage (52.8V) cell version available (ATLP)

The environmentally friendly battery that saves you money

Fully Recyclable
  • Cadmium free
  • Lead, plastic and sulfuric acid can be recycled and reused

Environmentally Friendly
  • Up to 75% lower float current
  • Consumes up to 75% less electricity
  • Lower float current generates less heat
  • Less heat generated reduces requirement for air conditioning
  • Less electricity consumed in float charging and air conditioning, reduces carbon emissions